March 6, 2021

Six Month Challenge: End of Week 14

28 February – 06 March 2021

This week has been good. I finally feel myself without stress and chaos. Don’t get me wrong we are one week three of not having a job which is somewhat terrifying on its own, but I’m doing what I can to find a new job and that’s all I can do. I have found too that if you spend a couple of hours in the morning job searching and applying, that’s all you should do for the day. There’s this weird shame spiral you start to go down if you are searching for a job throughout the entire day… it’s like waiting for that guy to text back and you keep looking at your phone but he never does. Just focus for two hours, then stop. Pick up where you left off tomorrow and save your sanity. (Oh yea, and drop that guy that doesn’t text you back.)

I’ve been doing really well on my macros. It’s been super easy to focus on them the last three weeks. This next week, Sam wants me to start experimenting with different ratios. Up to now, my calorie deficit has been low carb. So this next week we are trading 50 calories of fat (5.5g) for 50 calories of carbs (12.5g). It will be really interesting to see how the different nutrition plays a part in my workouts. I know that a couple of days ago, I had pretty low energy in my workouts which definitely frustrates me when I can’t lift as heavy as I want to or I can’t keep up with the cardio because I’m just tired.

Okay so here are the deets from the week:


1700 Calories  |  150g Protein  |  122g Carbs  |  68g Fat
  • 3 Eggs
  • 50g Tomatoes
  • 30g Green Bell Peppers
  • 25g Avocado
  • 35g Cashews
  • 100g Chicken
  • 50g Broccoli
  • 30g Mixed Bell Peppers
  • 50g tomoatoes
  • 1 t Butter
  • Grapefruit
  • 50g Green Bell Peppers
  • 40g White Rice
  • 100g Top Sirloin
  • 1 Taco Size Tortilla
Post Workout
  • 2 Scoop Whey
  • 2 Scoop Collagen
  • 2 Scoop 1st Phorm Opti-Greens
  • 1 Small Apple


Workouts this week have been a monster because of the low energy, but I kept my weights where they were and only scaled if I absolutely needed to. I feel really lucky to have a great CrossFit gym that I don’t have to worry about figuring out what to do. I really like that I just show up and the workout is already ready for me. I do it and then go home. haha. We had a high percentage of one-rep maxes this week. A lot of overhead movements and my shoulder definitely was not happy with me. It’s when I go to rerack the bar, the back of my shoulder cap almost gives out and my arm goes dead. It’s a really weird sensation, but I know what caused it because my asshole dog did it to my other arm on our walk this morning. When he decides to run ahead and run out of the leash, he jerks me forward and it pulls really hard, too hard, on my shoulder. We will see tonight if the shit show of a morning will hurt in tonight’s farmer carries.


Actual weight this week was: 226.9

I’ve decided to take the goal weight portion of this off, because there are basically two goals I’m trying to hit. 100 pounds off by my birthday at the end of March and 170 in the time that my body does it. I am still going to weigh myself every day and I’m still eating in a deficit, but I am not going to try and shove four pounds off my body every week anymore. Mostly because I was able to do it in December, but my body has settled into a 2lb off-a-week groove, but there are sometimes I lose more or less. Plus this week, my body weight hasn’t shifted at all… but I have noticed differences in the way it is looking. My skin is starting to get even looser, and my waist is starting to get a bit thinner. I was even able to get a large shirt on… so naturally, I tried on all the large size shirts I own. They don’t fit just yet, they are tight around my loose skin spare tire I’m carrying around, but I think in about three weeks, I will be able to wear those shirts.


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