You are stronger than you think.

I started Weigh Ankor in 2014 as a private blog where I could track all the things I was eating because I wanted more than anything to be skinny so people would like me and I could have a “normal” life.

Over the last seven years, I’ve been through a lot. Demanding jobs I allowed to take over my life, my father’s passing, and just trying to people please in general.

In 2018, I thought I was making headway, I thought I was going to make it. But after three months and losing 50 pounds, I lost my job and ended a 20-year friendship that was draining me.

It took me four years to get through my father’s passing, with two of those having to work through losing a close friend. But finally in 2020, after being locked in my house for two months during a pandemic, I decided to finally get my shit together.

I started researching CrossFit boxes close to me and ended up finding a home and family that has adopted me. I’ve hired a nutritionist to help me stay on top of my food, and I have gotten a little hippie and added meditation into my daily routine.

I’ve realized that you have to shift your entire mindset, lifestyle, and routine. It’s not just a workout thing or a nutrition thing. It’s a life thing.

Picture taken 10 December 2020 at 253lbs.

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Before and After

I used to be afraid to share these photos because I was living it day to day. I didn’t want to be judged and I thought a hoodie would hide how big I am… it doesn’t.

This was the first face to face Friday I shared after starting CrossFit in May 2020. I had lost 25 pounds and was in love with working out again. My food wasn’t great, but I was getting back on the path I needed to be on.

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