March 11, 2021

March’21 BOTM: 75 Hard


Do you lack confidence, grit, endurance, fortitude, self-esteem, and all the other things that don’t just make someone great, but successful in everything they do? What if you could completely transform yourself into someone who could do anything? I’m not talking about the change that happens for a week or a month or a year…but for your whole life? What would that legitimately and realistically be worth to you? Everybody tries to tell themselves that they are “special” or “great”…but it’s just talk. It’s not reality. This book tells you how to do that. It doesn’t cost anything to execute this program…but it ain’t free. I guarantee if you do exactly as I tell you to do it with no compromises and zero substitutions…you and your life will never be the same. -Andy Frisella

My Thoughts

I enjoyed the book. I was reading it up to starting 75 Hard and it definitely got me motivated because starting 75Hard is intimidating but this book breaks down the why for all the steps and even the name. When you understand the why, you’re more like fuck yea I can do this.

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