Why Self-Care Is So Important

I used to think self-care was for weird vegan hippies. I thought I could work my entire life and not worry about looking up for anything. Then, I got burned out. I was living at work, sleeping on couches in the agency and showing at the gym downstairs. I was giving every hour I had in my life only to be told that I would be laid off in the eleventh round of layoffs our company was having. I think that set the stage for me to check out at the first sign a company doesn’t appreciate me.

I stopped working myself to the bone. I learned to let go of things I couldn’t control, and I stopped trying to help everyone. While the last one sounds a bit harsh, I have found it is easier to not say anything and go about my business than get frustrated when people don’t or won’t listen to you, even though you could save them two weeks of time.

How to start a self-care routine

Starting a self-care routine is different for everyone. If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend starting with your nails. A simple manicure every three weeks allows you to get some me-time in along with feeling a bit fancy afterward!

When people ask me about self-care routines, I tell them to keep in mind three things:

  1. Do you love it?
    Is what you’re trying to do something you love or is it something you feel like you should do because society tells you you should do it? Don’t give into societies drama. Find things that replenish you and only you.
  2. Does it fit into your schedule?
    We all have nutty schedules, whether you’re a professional, a mom, a student, or all of the above. You need to find something that will fit in your schedule and not create more stress if you aren’t able to get to it that month, or you’re late because it is something that starts at a time that has no concern for those that have to cross town at rush hour.
  3. Is it simple?
    Along with it fitting into your schedule, keep it simple. Don’t add so many self-care things that you go stark raving mad because self-care is taking over your life. I recommend starting with one self-care thing a month and gradually add in others you are wanting to try. If, after three months, something isn’t working or you don’t like it, remove it from your routine.

My Self-Care Routine

Every week I visit the chiropractor. I hate having to go and sit in the waiting room to get into seeing the chiropractor, so I knew I needed to go on a day and time they were not busy. Tuesdays at about 10 am became my time to go. My body feels so good once it’s aligned.

Every month, I visit the nail salon and get a facial and massage. For me, I started my self-care journey with facials. Every month I go to meet with my skincare specialist and let her go nuts on my face. She cleans my face, pulls out the gross gunk, and moisturizes it. There’s more that goes into it, but those are the basics.

After facials were a staple in my monthly routine, I started adding in pedicures. Since I work with my hands and nail polish never stays on my nails, I just go in monthly for a pedicure. I love the smell of the products they use and the massaging chairs.

Next came massages, I extended my facial time to include a massage and doing both at the same time is pretty much the best two hours of self-care each month.