The greatest wealth is health.



Nutrition has been good this week. I got a bit creative with my food and mustard is now becoming my friend. It was a struggle at first, I am not a tart/tangy fan so it took a few days to get used to how mustard changed the way the food tasted. I noticed I’ve been missing meal five and sometimes four and five. Next week I really need to focus on getting all my meals in and doing so at the appropriate times.


Lifting this week was a bit thrown off, I got the workouts in, life just made it a bit harder to do. I still struggle with my shoulder and elbow. I’m hoping as I get stronger so will they. I’m pretty impressed with my strength now. A weight that was super heavy for me last week is now my starting weights. I’m even starting to see a little baby bicep bump!


This week is always a struggle for me, it’s father’s day and a few days later the anniversary of my father’s passing. It is a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me. I miss him a lot. He was an amazing father and I know that I just want to make him proud. He always taught me that education and health were the two most important things in life and I never really cared about nutrition or making working out a priority. Now as I am working to lose 150 pounds, I definitely and doing this journey for myself but in honor of him.


Weekly Weight Loss: -3.3 lbs.
Total Weight Loss: -28.5

Weekly Inch Loss: -5″
Total Inch Loss: -28.75″

Start Week Last Week This Week
13 May 2018 17 June 2018  24 June 2018
Weight 290.1 271.8 268.5
Body Fat 55% 52% 52.6%
Neck 17 16 16
Shoulders 50.5 50
Chest 56 52 50
Biceps 15.5 15 15
Forearms 11.5 11.5 11.5
Waist 53 47 46
Belly 58 53.5 52.5
Hips 53 50.5 50
Thighs 30.5 28 28
Calves 17.75 17 17

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