January 14-20, 2018

After visiting the doctor on the 15th, I beelined it to the store. I had to stop eating fast food twice a day, literally no joke that’s what I was doing. No wonder my body is rebelling against me right? I know. Any whooo, I decided to buy organic where I could and limit my intake of dairy to eggs and cheese. Milk rips my body apart (TMI?) and I just don’t do it. I also cut out as much yeast and sugar as possible.

I ended up with a cart full of good choices and I was proud of myself. I was standing next to the fruits and vegetables and a little voice in my head was like if you’re going to do it, do it. Buy those organic veggies!! So I did. I don’t really taste a difference in organic food but I’m hoping that by taking the pesticides out of my diet my body will love me.

For next week I really want to be able to continue eating a 50% fruits, veggies, nuts/30% meat/20% man-made split of my food intake. I have a reputation for doing something for two weeks and then getting bored and stopping. I know that if I want to get this 150 pounds off my body, I have got to continue eating correctly and workout.

I’m adding in working out beginning the first full week of February. I really want to get myself eating right without being stressed out and feel like I have a handle on that before trying to add in another thing to my schedule.