My Dream

I’ve been tossing around the idea of starting a podcast to track my progress over the next few months. I am nervous about looking weird or sounding weird or people judging my starting point. When I think I have pushed those negative thoughts and feelings down and am ready to start, I come up with the excuse that I’m not ready yet or that no one will want to listen or care. Though today on Linkedin I saw a post that I think was meant for my eyes.

To build something you’ve got to start somewhere. The first few anything’s will probably never be seen, they will probably never be talked about, but I need to do them for me. It doesn’t matter if anyone sees them, listens to them, or reads them. This journey is for me, no one else. If they want to come along for the ride.

Things I Want to Talk About


Food is huge. It’s 90% of any progress I’ve ever made. It’s really important to make sure it’s all the good stuff, sticking to proteins and veggies. Limiting all the sugars and almost all the carbs. Some ideas I have are:

  • Meal Plans
  • Cost of Food
  • Vitamins


Exercise is the icing on the cake. I lift heavy and do my runs to train for the Dopey Challenge.

  • Workout Plans
  • Run Results
  • What’s in My Bag
    • Maybe new products I purchase (only if I need them)

Dopey Challenge

This is definitely a bucket list item for me. It’s something I tried to do in 2018 and failed miserably at. So these next four months are my opportunity to train and accomplish the goal.

  • What the Dopey Challenge is
  • What the training plan is
  • What costumes we’ve planned for the run

Things I Eventually Want to Talk About


I’m not ready to add clothes into the mix because right now, I wear incredibly oversized clothes to workout but eventually, I would love to wear leggings and really beautifully colored sports bras. My self-confidence is not there yet, but my hope is that it will be.

Physical Health

There are some really awesome things I’ve learned about the physical body and how it works when you are losing weight. I would like to share those things to teach women why their bodies are doing what they are doing, but I don’t feel I would be taken seriously now at my current weight. I would like to share these things as they are happening to me and give first hand accounts.