This past week, Ashley made me do :60 planks and I almost died. Which has led me to post this post. This week I will be doing a short plank challenge to try and get my muscles in order so I don’t look like a ding-dong because I can’t hold a :60 plank in the middle of the gym. It’s embarrassing. 

The Challenge

For two weeks I will be doing a plank twice a day for an allotted time frame leading up to the :60 plank on the 14th day. 

  • Day One: 15 seconds
  • Day Two: 15 seconds
  • Day Three: 20 seconds
  • Day Four: 20 seconds
  • Day Five: 30 seconds
  • Day Six: 30 seconds
  • Day Seven: 35 seconds
  • Day Eight: 35 seconds
  • Day Nine: 40 seconds
  • Day Ten: 45 seconds
  • Day Eleven: 45 seconds
  • Day Twelve: 50 seconds
  • Day Thirteen: 55 seconds
  • Day Fourteen: 60 seconds

The Purpose

Sure, you might be saying it’s silly. That it’s two weeks and it won’t do anything, but for me it’s a mind game. It’s something that will help me not think about :60 seconds being an eternity.

I will be starting this today and doing it for myself. I would love it if you would join me, even if you don’t start the same day I do. Tag me on Instagram and use the hashtag #ankorplanks

How To Plank

You in? Awesome! Let’s do this. 

Now here are a few things you need to know about planking. I’ve done some research. Planking is a great move that strengthens the core and extremities, including the arms, shoulder, and booty.

The plank we will be doing for the challenge is the forearm plank. The elbows should be directly below your shoulders with your forearms at a 90-degree angle with your palms flat on the ground or clasped together. Your spine should be neutral with your head in line with your spine. Squeeze your booty and hold it.

Don’t Make These Three Mistakes

Having Your Butt All Over The Place

Most people get lazy and drop their butts. This can put your spine under unnecissary stress. Keep everything tight and focus on keeping your butt in line with your shoulders and head. 

Becoming a Bobble Head

Just like your butt, people’s heads tend to either look up or hang down. This actually makes planking harder. Keep your head in line with your neutral spine and focus on your hands. 

Please Breathe

This is something I struggle with on a daily basis. I like to hold my breath until my face turns purple. This is not a good thing. The body needs oxygen, so remember to breathe in and out. 

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