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Rock N Roll 5k

Today was my first bling run of the year! I participated in the Rock N Roll 5k. I can’t begin to express how nervous I was. I know other people are focused more on themselves than you. But being almost 300 pounds showing up at a 5k and walking pretty much all of it, you can’t help but think people are staring, laughing, judging or worse.

It made me start to really think about the quote “Run Your Own Race.” How I needed to focus on my pace, my breathing, my PR. The first mile I finished in 17:33 (1M), my second mile 36:05 (1M: 18:22) and I finished the race at 56:12 (1.1M: 20:07). While I didn’t improve mile over mile my total time put up on Monday was 80 Minutes. Today, I put up 56 Minutes and 12 seconds. That’s a 24 Minute improvement. Pretty damn good if you ask me.


  1. I wore ankle socks.
    Definitely a mistake, they started to slide down about half way into my second mile and I have a blister on the back of my left ankle and one on my left arch. Such a dumb move too because I was wearing long pants, no one could ahve seen my socks. From now on it’s either weirdo socks or tall socks when running.
  2. It was so cold. 
    It took me an entire mile to warm up. It was 57 degrees and in Arizona that’s cold. There’s something about the cold air here that is just piercing. Plus after living here for so long, your blood is really thin. Definitely need another layer for the colder months.
  3. My hands were swelling.
    This is apparently a common occurrence when running but it is always something that bothers me. In a Runner’s World article, they talk about a few reasons why this happens:

    During exercise, circulation increases, and the hand has a large network of small blood vessels that open up. With the increased blood flow, there is some fluid leak between the cells. (We think of blood vessels like a garden hose, but in reality they have links between the cells that allow some leakage, and that leakage increases with the increased circulation from exercise.) This leakage is probably the cause of your finger swelling.

    The arm swing of running increases air movement across the skin (to improve heat exchange with the air), and this arm swing motion may also contribute to fluid retention in your hands.


  1. I woke up.
    I have some vitamin deficiencies and allergies that make me really tired. I can stay up all night but getting up in the morning is incredibly hard for me. I was supposed to get up at 6AM, but finally heard my alarm around 6:50AM. I was able to spring out of bed and get moving.
  2. I ran for two minutes and 33 seconds. 
    I know this is probably a laughable thing for so many, though it’s something I consider a pro because it’s a starting point. It’s a point that in a year I will be able to look back and say, look how far I’ve come.
  3. I finished. 
    By about a mile and a half the heavy breathing, pain in the throat, pain in the shins, all of it had subsided. I felt really good and was eager to continue moving forward. I jogged to the finish line and improved the time I put up Monday by 24 minutes.

They say the hardest part is actually starting. Stop talking, start doing . . . all of that. 😀 I’m really glad to get the first one out of the way!

On to February!

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