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Many of you know I’m a dog mama. I have a five year old boxer boy who is my best friend. He is full of personality and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. There are a lot of pet parents out there and a topic that comes up a lot is their diet.

Some say stick to dog food only, some do raw diets and some do a mixture. I am one of the ones that does a mixture. I couldn’t imagine eating the same dog food all day everyday. Plus there are so many nutrients I want my fur-baby to get outside of the dog food from fruits and veggies just like humans do.

What do I feed my boxer? 

For breakfast, I make both of us an omelette. It consists of eggs, meat (bacon or chicken sausage), green bell peppers and tomatoes. After I take his portion out I add cheese to his and some things he’s not able to eat to my portion.

For lunches he will have a chicken breast and dog food, while I chow on a salad.

Then for dinner I normally stick to proteins like chicken, beef or fish (salmon and tilapia) and mix in veggies like carrots, green beans and sweet potato. He loves this. He eats this most nights. Though if I’m doing stuffed burgers or something like that, he will get his own portion.

Here’s an example of Boxer’s dinner last night, it is left over steak from our dinner day before yesterday, green beans and carrots. I just add some water and steam the green beans and carrots a bit and pour over dog food.


Cooking for one is really difficult, there are so many left overs or recipes have to be altered. By cooking for my dog while I’m cooking for myself actually saves me money. We don’t go through dog food as fast. A 15-pound bag lasts us months and our grocery bill sits around $50-75 every week.

I know a lot of you are going to think I’m nuts and that’s okay. This is just what works for us!

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