Just finished my third 5k of the year and my February Monthly 5k. I notice I’m getting more comfortable showing up to the races. I’m still slow AF, but I’m more confident getting to the locations, parking and getting to the starting line. I actually feel like I belong there.

This run, I just found out, is 3.32 Miles instead of the 3.1 Miles a true 5k is and I definitely felt it. I’m still waiting for my official time, but my stopwatch said about 57:00 Minutes.

I was severely in my head during this race. I could feel the blister forming in the arch of my foot, I could feel every rub of my Achilles tendon on the back of my shoes. I really noticed how badly my brain wanted me to quit. I refused to quit. I just kept walking and even jogging at different parts (even if it was for a few steps).


  1. I need new shoes.
    My shoes are old and just need to be retired. My goal is to purchase some new shoes and get my feet feeling right during these races.
  2. The course was longer than 3.1. 
    I wish I would have paid attention to the distance of the course, I really want apples to apples results and it’s not going to happen with this race.
  3. I overslept.
    I got nervous about oversleeping, so I stayed up later and not only got less sleep but actually overslept. I made it in enough time, but I don’t like that added stress the morning of a run.


  1. It was a gorgeous day.
    The sun was out, it was maybe 68 degrees. Seriously couldn’t ask for a better day. I did get a bit of sun on my forehead. I swear it doesn’t matter what I do . . . 😀
  2. I jogged at different places in the race. 
    The last two races I’ve just jogged the beginning of the race and walked the rest. This one I jogged the beginning, some of the flats, and all of the downhills.
  3. I finished. 
    This always excites me. Because I get so in my head, I always wonder if I will actually ever make it to the finish line. But I do. And I’m damn proud of myself.

They say your mind will quit a thousand times before your body ever does. That was so true this race. I need to learn how to turn my mind off and just go go go.

On to March!