Sooo, yea. This is definitely an embarrassing post to write but I want to write it so that I remember it and hopefully learn from it.

To make a long story short, I didn’t run this race that I was really looking forward to. 

Friday Night

I ate pizza Friday night and really indulged in a craving that I had been having. Yum. Pepperoni pizza and Hawaiian pizza. Yum. Some pop too. Craving solved.

Saturday Morning

Even though my craving was solved, the yeast in the crust (that I am intolerant to) caused me to over sleep and feel completely lethargic. So it’s now 7:00 am, I spring out of bed in a massive panic that I’m going to be late. I brush my teeth, throw on my shoes, and get out the door to only miss the gun by maybe ten minutes.

As I’m getting closer to the Scottsdale Airport, I realize there was one major thing I forgot to do before leaving the house. Yup, that’s right, I forgot to use the restroom.

This is the worst thing ever. Even worse that forgetting to put on deodorant or something similar. By now, I have this heavy pressure in the bottom of my stomach and all I can think about is how I’m going to get through 3.1 miles without using the restroom.

Once I arrive at the Airport, I hear the gun. I sat in my car for five minutes trying to give myself the biggest pep talk in the world. You can do it! You can hold it for another hour! Go out there! Run that race! Get that medal!

As I went to get out of the car, my stomach made that gurgling noise where you know everything’s been processed and is moving to the exit lane of your body.

That was it. I knew that I wouldn’t make it 3.1 miles. I gave in and got back in the car to drive home.

The Lesson

I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to run this race, but I have Pat’s Run coming up in two weeks. I will use this as a lesson to not indulge until after my races and to make sure I use the bathroom before I leave the house.