As I was searching through Martin Luther King Jr quotes, I came across this one. Only in darkness can you see the stars. It felt so incredibly fitting for what I am going throuhgh in my life right now.

The tragedy of my father’s death has pushed me to change my ways. Granted that was after six months of being in a fog and eating my way back up to 297 pounds. Besides that though, I feel like I might be getting through the grief and transitioning into the honoring period.

I am making strides to make my life better permanently.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a man of love and compassion, he was someone who believed that he could make the world better for others. He faced obstacles, hardships and people who thought he was nuts.

I think I’ve told my friends I was changing my ways too many times over the years they don’t really believe me anymore. I think they have hope I can get my shit together, but I don’t think they believe I ever will.

This journey is one alone until you get to a place where you’ve gotten so far people don’t have any choice but to believe you will succeed.

Be nice to those around you and support everyone no matter how long it takes them to achieve their greatness.