I’ve been doing a lot of research lately about what foods to eat and what not to eat. I already know my body doesn’t do well with fermented foods or added sugar. My body gets confused when I consume them and tends to just pack it onto my stomach like a kid shoveling vegetables into his napkin. Sneaky little bastard.

When I was in college, I went anti-fermentation for a year. I dropped 60 pounds, had clear skin and was amazed at my progress. What is anti-fermentation? Basically, it cuts out anything that includes yeast in it’s making or any food that molds quickly (think grapes, cantaloupe, bread, alcohol, etc.).

There’s also no processed foods allowed. No condiments. No dairy. No salt. No sugar. No anything really. That reason alone is probably why I finally got to a point where I was just done with it. I really just wanted a fucking blueberry bagel.

Back to today. I have been reading about sugar and how bad it is for you though people are getting into arguments about how sugar found in fruit is bad for you. I seriously have a problem with this. What exactly do you plan on eating if you don’t eat from the Earth?

So I digress, trying to figure out how to change and get my life on a pattern of healthy eating and exercise to become healthy before I wake up at 40 just as fat as I was at 30. If not more fat.

I’ve decided to make up my own dietary plan that will work for me. Moderation, cheat days and a strict routine during the week. There will be bacon and cheese included in this life, I will be eating six times a day and I don’t really care what anyone says.

  • Monday – Friday
  • Breakfast (1 of these 3):
    • 3 Egg Omelet with 1 Yolk (Add peppers, bacon, cheese)
    • 1 Packet of Plain Oatmeal
    • Fruit Smoothie from my NutriBullet
  • Snack:
    • Red Apple
    • String Cheese
  • Lunch:
    • Salad in a Jar
  • Snack:
    • Vegetables
    • Hummus or Dressing (Home made)
  • Dinner:
    • 4oz of protein (Beef, Chicken, Fish)
    • Vegetables (Green Beans, Asparagus, etc)
  • Snack:
    • Cottage Cheese

During the week it’s easier to stay on a schedule as long as I prep. If I don’t prep, the whole week is done. Just forget about it. I am not to a point where I feel like I can start on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, it feels weird to me.

So, okay. You have the week down, but what about the weekend? Saturday’s are cheat days. I will be eating whatever I want on Saturday. No limits.

Sunday is a prep day. Head to the grocery store make some food. So breakfast will probably be omelets because that’s the easiest for me. Eggs in a skillet and we are good to go. The middle of Sunday will be snacking while prepping. I know that’s how I am so as long as it’s fruits and veggies, I’m not too worried about it. Sunday dinner will be the same as during the week, though I will be adding a carb in there like a tortilla, potato or rice.

By treating Sunday as cheat day with healthier foods, I feel like I will have less stress and can focus on getting my life in order for the week. There’s nothing worse than trying to be good by prepping then feeling like a failure because you weren’t 100% in your eating that day too.

Alright, I’ve talked enough for this blog. Here’s to actually following through.