I was really nervous to go to my second CrossFit class. The first one was good and I can say that I went, it’s now just the discipline to keep going. It was nice having smaller classes and really being able to get to know a few people before people come back and things get kind of nutty. 

Today’s Workout

Plank/Hollow Hold EMOM

6 min EMOM

  • Alternating between plank (of your choice) and hollow hold

Here I did planks on my knees and elbows and my hollow holds were arms elevated by my sides and legs elevated but sometimes bent. I was shocked I was able to hold all of them for six minutes. 

Bent Over Row 4×10

Bent Over Row for load:

  • #1: 10 reps
  • #2: 10 reps
  • #3: 10 reps
  • #4: 10 reps

I used the same lighter barbell from Monday, the first two sets were just the barbell, and the last two sets I added five pounds on each side. It felt really light, but going into the next segment I was so happy that this section was a bit lighter. 

Row into the Weekend


  • 600m Row
  • 30 Alternating DB Snatches *50/35
  • Small Lap Waiter Carry (db/kb locked out overhead) 1/2 way each arm
  • 10 Burpees

This section fucking killed me and I only did 300m, 16 Snatches (15 pounds), no weighted small lap, and 10 air squats three times in a row. I was fucking dead and had a little breakfast come back up which I quickly swallowed back down because I was not about to let anyone see me puke on my second time there. No no no not happening. 

I finished what they had given me to do. It took me a bit to cool down because the small lap outside in the 95 degree Arizona weather really knocked me on my ass. But I did it. I survived my second CrossFit class. 

I definitely love how my body feels after class, everything is pumped and my body craves healthy food. I really love it and I think I want to keep doing this. I don’t know how I’m going to find the $150/month to keep going but I’m sure as hell going to try and move some things around to make it happen. 

If I can make the workouts happen along with the nutrition there is no reason that I shouldn’t be able to lose 20 pounds in the month of June.