I wasn’t going to do a second race in January, but then I saw the Boxer Luv 5k and I had to sign up for it. Boxer Luv Rescue is an amazing rescue here in Arizona and I had to support them. My babies are boxers and I believe all dogs need a good home and happy family.

I really didn’t go for time on this one, I really just wanted to get out and see all the boxers. I jogged a bit of the beginning of the race but I forgot my Spibelt and had to figure out how to tie my sweat pants so they wouldn’t fall off my body. I finally got them tied up tight and just continued walking.

There were SO MANY boxers. They were all shapes, sizes and colors. I was basically in doggy heaven. There were old ones and puppies. They all had boxer personalities and it was amazing! UGH! Can’t wait to do it again.


  1. No signage.
    Holy moly, everyone got lost trying to find the starting line. Starting Line Racing needs to do a way better job of putting up signage for people to find their way around a giant park.
  2. There was a lot of looping. 
    I really didn’t like how the course doubled back over itself twice. I found myself getting bored when I was doubling back. It’s weird, but it felt like a waste to walk and walk back, I definitely like the courses that are a giant loop and you don’t see the same scenery.
  3. The audio equipment was awful.
    The shrieking of the audio system prompted me to grab my water and head out of there. I’ve seen other SLR Events and they seem like they were better set up, they just had a really bad day.


  1. Umm, boxers.
    Did I mention the dogs?! They seriously were amazing and totally worth any of the cons mentioned above.
  2. I wore my boxer socks. 
    Yes, I have boxer socks. I am proud of them.
  3. I finished. 
    The run was pretty, a nice jaunt around the lake and a few hills. I need to make sure I am training hills so I can be up to par as I continue running this year.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend . . . well, they never owned a dog.

On to February!