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Better Sore than Sorry

After learning on National Trivia Day that my body has hundreds of miles of unneeded blood vessels running through it because I decided to focus on work and not myself; I am willing to put up with the pain to get rid of all those miles of blood vessels.

So I would rather be sore than sorry. I would rather feel that pain when I try to get out of a chair or the toilet knowing that pain is me getting stronger.

I want to be healthy and I don’t really want to be skinny either. I look up to ladies like Ashley Horner and Kellie Davis. They are straight badasses but yet still sexy as hell. That’s what I want to be like.


Seriously, who wouldn’t want to be like these ladies? Look at those abs. And those fucking shoulders. That’s what I’m working for. Move over treadmill, give me a fucking dumbbell.

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