This past weekend, I got the “O” for the Arizona Sunrise Series Race. It was definitely a better race than last week at Fountain Hills, but I struggled a bit getting going. I wasn’t really awake and could not find my running shoes so I had to settle for shoes I probably haven’t worn in over 10 years. (If you know me, you know I buy shoes and they sit in my closet for years because I don’t want them to get dirty . . . weird, I know!)

I woke up late, as I was getting ready I thought about not going, but I knew I had to. If I was missing a letter on my medal I would regret it forever. There is no way I’m going to let that weigh on me.

After getting out the door and making it all the way to Peoria, Google Maps got me lost. The first time EVER Google Maps let me down. So after having to backtrack a few miles I finally got to the park. I got the registration table just as the gun went off and I was pinning my number as I booked it to the starting line.

I decided to walk the entire 3.11 miles this time to see what my pacing looks like five months away from the Dopey Challenge. I finished at about a 17 minute mile when walking. That gives me hope that I might actually be able to finish the marathon! As I was walking I passed a couple people and finished at a decent spot in the walking pack. Even the lady that checked me in said, “Not a bad finish for starting late!” I took that as a complement.

After crossing the finish line, I immediately took off my shoes. Ugh those shoes I hadn’t worn in 10 years are too small for me. My big toes rubbed against the front of them, my pinkie toes were squished and have blisters, and my left shoes dug into my achilles tendon giving me a nice sized blister. I was walking around in my socks and I knew my feet would hurt the next day. They did. They actually still hurt a bit today.

Minus all the things I could have prevented by actually being prepared, the race was really good. The park was really nice and I am so glad I did not allow myself to skip it!

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