This past weekend was the fourth AZ Sunrise Series Run! I can’t believe we are half way through all the races but this race was nothing like any of the races before it.

Let’s start with the night before. I was working on a freelance project and was up until 1AM. To be at the race on time, I have to be up at 4AM. This means I barely got three hours of sleep. This is no good.

While I’m supposed to get up at four, I laid in bed trying to figure out if I really wanted to go. I decided I did, now I had to decide if I physically could go. I decided that I needed to get my ass out of bed because Mindy was going to this one race to run with me.

The day before I had a bit of food poisoning so I wasn’t feeling great and I had spent a lot of time in the restroom. Also, getting up late, I didn’t get to eat breakfast and driving all the way to Fountain Hills was horrible. There wasn’t a lot of parking, and I ran to the start line.

I started jogging past the start line as I was still safety pinning my number to my chest. I didn’t make it very far before my body started cramping up and I knew I just needed to walk. It was 100 degrees at 6:30AM. It only got hotter and with the sprinklers and wet grass the the humidity was crippling.

As I was finishing my first of three laps, the first race finisher almost passed me. That means he had already lapped me once in 15 minutes. ?

The second lap half way through I started to get a bit nervous. I was so hot and my brain was starting to get a little foggy. So I slowed down and I just kept putting one foot in front of the other. I knew I didn’t care about my time at this point, I really just needed to finish.

Lap three was brutal. I wasn’t sure if I could actually finish this race. There was a Verteran’s Memorial right before the turn into the finish line and I just kept my eye on that. I kept looking to see how far I was from there. I knew if I could just make it to that monument, I could finish this thing.

I did it. I made it to the monument and I was getting high fives from people who had finished and were now leaving. The support gave me that last bit of energy I needed to finish this race. Once crossing the finish line I made a beeline for Gatorade and shade.

I am thankful for the shade. There were a group of people I am around during the series and we never really introduced ourselves. As we were all seeking shade from that asshole Arizona sun, we introduced ourselves and started talking about our journeys.

It was awesome, there are a few ladies who have lost over 100 pounds and I was so inspired by them. Some of them had run Disney races and gave me some pointers, which I will take as many as I can get! I was also introduced to Phoenix Fit, which is an organization that trains you for half marathons and teaches you about hydration and all the vasoline shit you need to know. I will probably join that group in the coming months.

Here’s to another race in two weeks!