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A Quick Trip to the Doctor

I made it back to Arizona from Florida and the Dopey Challenge. Since I had MLK Day off of work I headed to the doctor to review the blood results I had done in October. Yup, almost three months later. The doctor’s receptionist told me one date and scheduled another so I showed up a week early and no one would see me. Then there was so much back and forth trying to schedule I gave up. When I called the doctor from Disneyworld, they found a slot for me in a few days. I guess having three numb fingers gets you in pretty quick.

We went over my results and I had a few things going on.

My Vitamin D, B, and one other thing were really low. My doctor told me that she wasn’t surprised that I was tired all the time and could sleep hours without getting any rest. She immediately recommended adding those vitamins to my routine. Though this wasn’t related to my numb fingers.

Something else that I learned was that I am pre-diabetic. That is incredibly terrifying to me. I have diabetes in my family, it’s all type 2, and it’s all preventable. I don’t have to test my blood or anything, but if I don’t make a change, I will. I desperately do not want that, so I need to start making some food changes. Cutting out carbs, sugar, soda and processed foods.

Everyone who is on a weight loss journey has had this doctors visit. It’s the one where you are on the edge of falling off the cliff if you don’t make changes. That’s how it was when I hit 297 pounds. I refused to hit 300 and while I’ve been good about not going above 297 pounds, but I’m having a huge issue getting below 280 pounds.

My plan is to change. My plan is to cut out the food and products marketed to people made with ingredients that do nothing but harm your body.

Wish me luck!

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